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General / Laproscopic Surgery

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General Surgery at KTCT hospital is well equipped for surgeries – both elective and emergency procedures.

We have at our disposal a team of dedicated and well trained surgeons dealing with all forms of day today surgical procedures.

Some of the most frequent procedures include appendicectomy, Hernai repair, Haemarrhoidectomy (surgery for piles), Foreign body removal,Laparotomy, Varicose vein surgery, Fistulectomy etc.

We also include a dedicated team of well trained laparoscopic surgeons.

Laparscopic surgery or key hole surgery is a modern method in surgery. It is opted by many as it has a smaller wound, minimal scar and requires less time of hospital stay. The patient recuperates more easily and continues his/her normal life at in a few days time.


  • Laproscopic cholecystectomy (keyhole gall bladder surgery)
  • Laproscopic hernia repair
  • Laproscopic hysterectomy (keyhole uterus surgery)
  • Diagnostic laproscopy
  • Laproscopic ventral hernia repair
  • Laproscopic rectopexy
  • Laproscopic fundoplication
  • Laproscopic obesity surgery
  • Laproscopic ovarian surgery
  • Laproscopic PPS
  • MIPH (Stapler Haemarrhoidopexy)

Team of Doctors

Dr. Liju Varghese   MBBS, MS, MRCS, FMAS

Dr. Jithin Jose   MBBS, MS


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